Adele Sassella

Birth place and date        Sondrio, Italy – January 28, 1966

Present position         Associate Professor – 02/B1 Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
July 1989                     “Laurea” degree in Physics
September 1994          PhD in Physics

February 1995             “Specializzazione” degree in Materials science and technology

Jan 1996 – Oct 2001        Researcher

since November 2001      Associate Professor

Adele SASSELLA is involved in experimental research on solid state physics since her degree. At foirst, she studied defects and impurities in single crystal silicon and thin films of silicon-based dielectrics by means od optical spectroscopy techniques, both in the infrared and in the ultraviolet-visible spectral ranges. More recently, her research activity started to address a different class of materials, namely organic molecular semiconductors, in particular with the preparation and study of  thin films and heterostructures, deposited by organic molecular meab epitaxy (OMBE). Within this subject, she studies the OMBE growth process itself, and the optical and morphological properties of samples deposited under different conditions and on different substrates. The materials under study include oligothiophenes, porphyrins, oligoacenes, and, in particular, their assembly in organic heterostructures built by superimposing films of different molecular species, all behaving as semiconductors, with the aim of getting ordered and crystalline samples of controlled characteristics. Such kind of artificial structures may ba the basis of new materials and devices for organic photovolitaic applications.  Since 1990 Adele Sassella published over 180 scientific papers in international journals and presented several communications to conferences, most as oral papers and some as invited lectures. She has been the principal investigator in some national research (INFM, MIUR, Fondazione Cariplo) and organized internationak conferences and symposia. She is referee of some journal, such as Applied Physics Letters, Physical Review, European Physical Journal, Crystal Growth & Design. She collaborates with several research groups in Italy and abroad.Since the late ’90 she has been teaching Physics in several different courses, she sipervised several degree and PhD students in Materials Science and Physics.

Selected Publications

1. M. Campione, L. Raimondo, M. Moret, P. Campiglio, E. Fumagalli, and A. Sassella: Organic-organic hetero-epitaxy of semiconductor crystals: α-quaterthiophene on rubrene  Chem. Mater. 21, 4859 (2009).
2. A. Sassella, A. Borghesi, M. Campione, L. Raimondo, C. Goletti, G. Bussetti, A. Violante, S. Cirilli, and P. Chiaradia:
Pseudomorphic growth of organic semiconductor thin films driven by incommensurate epitaxy Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 073307 (2009).
3. A. Sassella, L. Raimondo, M. Campione and A. Borghesi: Patterned growth of crystalline organic heterostructures
Adv. Mater. 25, 2804 (2013).
4. K. Broch, A. Aufderheide, L. Raimondo, A. Sassella, A. Gerlach, and F. Schreiber: Optical properties of blends: influence of mixing-induced disorder in pentacene:diindenoperylene versus perfluoropentacene:diindenoperylene J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 13952 (2013).
5. L. Raimondo, E. Fumagalli, M. Moret, M. Campione, A. Borghesi, and A. Sassella: Epitaxial interfaces in rubrene thin film heterostructures J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 13981 (2013).
6. S. Trabattoni, M. Campione, M. Moret, L. Raimondo, and A. Sassella: Epitaxial polymorphic growth of organic semiconductors on natural amino acid single crystals Crystal Growth & Design 13, 4268 (2013).
7. A. Sassella: Organic epitaxial layers on organic substrates  Crystal Res. Technol. 48, 840 (2013).
8. G. Bussetti, M. Campione, M. Riva, A. Picone, L. Raimondo, L. Ferraro, C. Hogan, M. Palummo, A. Brambilla, M. Finazzi, L. Duò, A. Sassella, and F. Ciccacci: Stable alignment of tautomers at room temperature in porphyrin 2-D layers  Adv. Funct. Mater. 24, 958 (2014).
9. S. Uttiya, L. Miozzo, E. Fumagalli, S. Bergantin, R. Ruffo, M. Parravicini, A. Papagni, M. Moret, and A. Sassella: Connecting molecule oxidation and single-crystal structural and charge transport properties in rubrene derivatives,  J. Mat. Chem. C 2, 4147 (2014).
10. G. Bussetti, M. Campione, L. Ferraro, L. Raimondo, B. Bonanni, C. Goletti, M. Palummo, C. Hogan, L. Duò, M. Finazzi, and A. Sassella: Probing 2D vs. 3D molecular aggregation in metal-free tetraphenylporphyrin thin films by optical anisotropy
J. Phys. Chem. C 118, 15649 (2014).

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