Dye-Sensitized (DSSC) and Perovskites Solar Cells (PSC): Materials and Devices (A. Abbotto)

Our group is involved with the design, synthesis, and characterization of organic and organometallic materials and devices for third generation photovoltaics, including liquid and solid-state n- and p-dye-sensitized solar cells (n-DSSC and p-DSSC), perovskite-based solar cells (PSC), and polymeric/small molecule organic solar cells (OPV). DSSCs, pioneered by Michael Grätzel and thus commonly referred to as Grätzel cells, feature a network of disordered and inexpensive TiO2 nanoparticles coated with light-harvesting dye molecules and typically surrounded by a liquid-phase electrolyte or hole conductor. Photons captured by the dye generate electron-hole pairs which separate at the surface of the nanoparticles. Electrons are injected and transported through the TiO2 layer while positive charges migrate via the electrolyte to the opposite side of the cell. Our work, in collaboration with national and international private and public partners, focuses on the synthesis of new materials photosensitizers, semiconductor oxides and electrolytes with tailored properties and optimized performances thanks to the use of a fruitful combination of electron-rich and electron-poor (hetero)aromatic building units, a variety of structural design, and different symmetries and geometries.

In the field of PSC (pervoskite-based solar cells) we investigate new organic molecular and polymeric components as organic precursors for the perovskite layer and as HTM.



In the frame of the Solar Research Center MIB-SOLAR and its facilities, the group also performs fabrication and characterization of DSSC, PSC and OPV small cells and modules, also in collaboration with private companies. The best power conversion efficiencies top out at ca. 11% (lab scale).


In addition to the main research topic, hybrid systems (DSSC-CIGS-Si and PSC-CIGS-Si) and solid state DSSC and PSC devices are under active investigation.

The activity of the group is part of leading european and national networks on optimization and industrial application of DSCs with grants from Fondazione Cariplo, MIUR-PRIN, FP7, and private companies.

In summary.

The DSC group of Prof. A. Abbotto at UNIMIB – Solar Energy Center MIB-Solar  has been  involved in the last years in research for materials and devices for DSSC and PSC.
Materials include:

  • organometallic and organic dyes
  • iodine-free electrolytes
  • quasi solid-state DSSC
  • nanostructured TiO2
  • perovskites and HTM

Devices include fabrication and characterization of liquid and solid-state cells and modules up to 8×8″. Facilities include:

  • 1000 ft2 ISO 7 clean room
  • screen printers
  • ozone cleaning
  • class ABA solar simulators for cells and modules
  • laser scribing
  • IPCE and APCE
  • glove boxes with spin coaters and evaporators

Recent Publications and Patents on DSSC.

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