Maurizio Acciarri

Maurizio Acciarri was born on 01/07/1961. He graduated in  Physics in 1990 at the University of the Studies in Milan. From 1992 to 1993 he was a student of the Specialization School in Material Science at the University of Milan. From 1993 to 1998 he carried out the research activity at the Department of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry at the University of  Milan thanks to grants financed by European projects in the photovoltaic field. From 1998 to 2002 he has been Technician for Department Materials Science, University Milano Bicocca. Since 2002 he is researcher confirmed for the  scientific-disciplinary sector FIS/01 at the Department of Science of the Materials of the University in Milan Bicocca. At the present he is teacher of the course of Physics III for the degree in Ottica e Optometria and also teacher of the laboratory of Physics of the Semiconductors for the Physics degree. He has been researcher of the National institute of Physics of the Subject since 1992. His research activity pertains to the study of the electric properties of elementary semiconductors (Si) and composed (SiC), particularly his studies has been devoted to the study transport properties (I-V characteristics, Hall effect), recombination properties (diffusion length and lifetime) by Surface Photovoltage, Light Beam Induced Current, Electron Beam Induced Current, Quasi-Steady State Photoconductive Decay measurements, structural properties of defects (scanning electron microscope and microanalysis). Particularly, these techniques are been used for the characterization of multicrystalline silicon for photovoltaic applications. In this field he has participated since 1990 in different European Projects. The research activity has been also addressed to the characterization of “thick” linearly-graded Ge-rich SiGe buffer layers /virtual substrate growth by Low-Energy Plasma- Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition.  Recently, a new research line dedicated to the deposition of CuInGaSe (CIGS) as active substrate for thin film solar cells. His research activity is documented by more than 90 articles published on international magazines and many oral presentation to national and international conferences.